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Combining rich experience, a full cycle of storage services and an integrated approach to creating IT innovations that provide positive results for business, DataDigital ensures success in IT cloud transformation, next-generation technologies and security.
We are committed to purposes and fundamental principles for openness, accessibility, security and privacy of the public Internet.
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Alternative and Features worth spreading
MOIDOM - a man's home is his castle.
The desire to successful goals achieving day tomorrow, dictates to us what is destined to be done today.
The world around us is extremely complex, but what you need to do is very simple. And not only because of this, we invest in this project our skills, knowledge, abilities and experience.
The Web App MOIDOM is designed for the collective interaction of flat and real estate owners in the russian partnerships and cooperatives (TSZH, TSN, SNT, ZHSK, ZHK, GSK). The mini CMS structure of our platform simplifies users consolidating into their small local social network wide features: for contacting, coordinating data flows, as well as effectively manage, control, optimize and plane financial expenses.
December 6th, 2019

Audit of financial expenses for flat and real estate owners, in zone *.ru located partnerships or cooperatives

November 20th, 2019

Easy and handy Estimates on planned financial expenses for wide groups of flatowners and real estate owners

December 1st, 2019

Full package set of documents for planning and conducting homeowner's and real estate owner's Meetings

January 12th, 2020

The MOIDOM team's personalized event, as deep appreciation to the sponsors and future customers of our service

January 11th, 2020

The MOIDOM project's history is written by our sponsors. Many some nice surprises await who support us

January 23th, 2020

Ads disabling for any specific user. From now on and 4ever, advertising won't distract you from the important content

January 23th, 2020

Fundamental creativity around our platform development for partnership collaboration, inspires action

January 23th, 2020

For accountants of partnerships and cooperatives of flat owners - new remotely administration capabilities

January 23th, 2020

Innovations of organizations administration here are intersects a really immersive revenue experience WOW

Take Control Communal Expenses

Our Mission: To help the real estate owners take under overall control utility bills complexity and pricing.

Basic Rule
Power of Consistency in Priorities
The transition from dictatorship of utility corporations to a functioning democracy for saving, is possible and sure necessary. Basic principles of creating our platform are served to protect landlords, proprietors and property owners.
Utility Costs
Mini Social Network with Macro CMS Functions
Local mini social network for groups of real estate owners, cover efficient communication, data management and expenses flow control in the utility area. In search and choose for you, we try to use unique achievements of the best OpenSource CMS-es.
Meter Readings
Manage Meter Devices Data
Monitoring, collecting all meter device (IPU) information and readings at homes. Devices shelf life monitoring and simple registration process the new ones.
Data Interchange with GIS ZHKKH
Information disclosure, interaction with GIS ZHKKH, data downloading and automatic data upload to the GIS ZHKKH database.

Project Timeline

Starting Line Initial start the Project. The idea for the project was born

2014 - 2015

Trial Solutions Tried to test on the CMSes

The Tool Set Choosing the right tools and approaches

2018 - 2019
2019 - 2020

Laying the Foundation Creating an app prototype structure

Crowdfunding Creating conditions for attracting investments

Futuring Mission
Any project's timeline for success consists of the milestones which will require efforts among all the parties to build mutual confidence.
We can make a difference together and we've been futuring the steps in the near future yet. In our case, to succeed a fundamental change and evolution we should focus on development process, and there's no doubt that technologies in our hands are going to affect lifes for many in the big country.